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Dissolution of the Band

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 6 months ago

This is a photograph I can't recall seeing before starting work on this project. I included this photograph in the "Dissolution of the Band" section of this project because it is a picture of The Wild Ones very late in their career together. The viewer can see that the look of the band is quite different from the look presented in the UN Staff Day photographs, which were taken March 3rd, 1967. The band will disband in the summer of 1967. To me, this photograph signifies the demise of The Wild Ones to a much greater extent than the Richard Avedon photograph: in my opinion, the photography is not on the same level of professionalism as the Avedon photograph, and the viewer will notice that the group was no longer signed to United Artists Records.

The group continued to play at Arthur until it closed. Tricarico cited mob intimidation towards the management of Arthur as a major reason the club closed down. He could not recall the date Arthur closed down, but he recalled that it may have been in late spring (Interview 2).


The group's final performance with its current instrumentation was in the summer of 1967. Neither Alden nor Tricarico could recall the specific date or venue, but the performance was in Connecticut opposite The Cyrkle. After Alden left to play with another group, the Fuzzy Bunnies, Tricarico continued the group with a different guitarist and lead vocalist, Paul Patos (Alden Interview 2). The group ceased to be called the Wild Ones after Alden left, the new name of the group was the "W.O. Expansion Band." (W.O. stood for "Wild Ones" (Tricarico Interview 2).) Therefore, Alden leaving the group marks the end of the Wild Ones.

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