"Wild Way of Living": A Brief History of The Wild Ones
This project will explore my postmemory of a rock group of the 1960s: The Wild Ones. The band was formed in 1964 and disbanded in 1967 (Alden Interview 1). They are arguably most well known for being the first to record the famous Chip Taylor song "Wild Thing" (Tricarico Interview 2). One of the band's albums, "The Arthur Sound,"  hit 149 on the US Billboard 200 in 1965 (Allmusic).
My father, Thomas Tricarico, for speaking with me about the history of the band and sharing his experiences.
Chuck Alden, for doing the same.
Betty Sperber, for organizing, keeping, and transferring to my father some of the documents that I have used extensively throughout this presentation.
Anita Parascondola, for archiving some very interesting and valuable documents about the Wild Ones, a few of which are used in this presentation.

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